We are two brothers who remember the stories and the songs of our youth that captured our imagination and taught us things that will stay with us always. The words and the melodies, the characters and the lessons they imparted—all well preserved and fondly remembered now in two not-so-young, but not-so-old fellows wanting to carry on the tradition. The characters we’ve created have problems, need some help now and then, wonder why things are the way they are, try not to give up, hope for a better life…..all very much like other characters we might know.

danpicDavid Kimber

David Kimber’s early path includes being a recording artist for MGM, composing and performing with such artists as Elton John, Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa.  He was also the voice of Woodsy the Owl (“Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute”), recording an anti-pollution song that became a Saturday morning staple on television programming for children.  He lived, for ten years, in Australia, where he wrote music, television themes and served as music director for a Sydney TV station.  Upon returning to the U.S., David completed his teaching and Masters Degree at the University of Michigan and now teaches 5th grade Social Studies in Flint Michigan.   Named social studies teacher of the year for the state of Michigan, he is presently working with his brother/fellow educator to bring more music into more classrooms and in the process become a better teacher.

danpicDaniel Kimber

Daniel Kimber has taught in Southern California for 35 years. including elementary, Junior high school and senior high school. Dan has co-authored three books as well as a nationally syndicated column, “Living and Loving” with best selling author Leo Buscaglia.  He has also written a column for the L.A. Times entitled “Education Matters”.In a 35 year career, he was named “Teacher of the Year” over ten times.